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TexAu – #1 NoCode automation

Powerful automations for finding, enriching, and managing leads with social media


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Finding leads for your business really slows down after you’ve tapped your entire network. (“Should’ve met more people at that conference instead of slamming hors d’oeuvres.”)

Then you’re stuck doing hours of research, updating spreadsheets, and sending cold emails—just to come up short.

You’re looking for a way to harness social media data for easily finding and contacting new leads.

Check out TexAu.


  • Automate your lead generation funnel and build a qualified pipeline of sales prospects in minutes
  • Alternative to: Phantombuster
  • Connect social media platforms to enrich user data and optimize your ads
  • Best for: Digital agencies, sales teams, and entrepreneurs who want to scale faster and smarter

TexAu is a growth automation platform designed to help you generate more leads and scale your business faster.

TexAu gives you the tools to transform social media data into fresh leads, automatically and from one place.

Thanks to its integrated growth platform, you can generate new leads, contact them quickly, enrich user data, and stay light-years ahead of the competition.

Choose from 180+ automations across your favorite social media channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Hunter.io, Quora, and many more to come!

And with the TexAu Prospector, you can use LinkedIn to find targeted employees at any company for focused outreach.

TexAu Spice


Use the Prospector to effortlessly find targeted employees at any company!

Save hours (and effort) in data extraction, processing, and filtering by using the drag-and-drop Recipe tool to generate, qualify, and enrich a list of contacts in minutes.

Use data from one social media platform to perform an action on another. That means you can find someone on LinkedIn and slide into their DMs on Twitter. (#smooth)

Search, filter, and pick an automation to start working, or get crazy and create complex workflows by connecting several automations together.

Plus, you can use webhooks to trigger automation and also send data from TexAu to your favorite tool.

Desktop Recipes

Automate your growth strategy with complex workflows in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface!

Get ready to earn some serious brownie points with your sales team.

Build a strong and qualified pipeline of sales prospects and empower them to reach the right decision-makers directly.

You can even run drip campaigns on LinkedIn with personalized images and video support for that white-glove treatment.

TexAu integrates with Snov.io, Hunter.io, and Fullcontact, allowing you to enrich data from your users and prospects easily and quickly—across any vertical and region.


Grab new leads’ attention with LinkedIn drip campaigns featuring personalized images and video support!

Finally, TexAu’s dashboard makes it easy to keep your data organized and accessible.

Import, export, filter, edit, and enrich a list of contacts, then access the results of your automation and workflows.

You can also add variables like cookies, URLs, usernames, or other frequent settings for easy-access and safe authentication.


Manage and enrich all of your data directly in the dashboard.

You don’t have much of a business without customers, and you can’t exactly bribe leads on the street with free samples. (“Here! Try three words of copy for free!”)

TexAu takes your lead gen to legendary levels with automations, workflows, and integrations that let you snag the customers you’ve always been looking for.

Build your customer base faster.

Get lifetime access to TexAu today!

P.S. Catch the replay of the walkthrough and webinar: Click here.

Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to TexAu Cloud Growth Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Cloud Growth Plan updates
  • Stack unlimited codes — each code you stack adds 20 minutes of execution time, 2 parallel executions, and 10 email enrichments
  • Note: code 12 unlocks TexAu APIs and Desktop unlimited time
  • Note: code 6 unlocks teams feature
  • Previous AppSumo customers who purchased TexAu can buy more codes to increase their feature limits
  • GDPR compliant
  • Optional add-ons: Email change = $25 one-time fee
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited automations (spices)
  • Full automation library access
  • CSV and Google sheet processing
  • Running automation from the results
  • Exporting and editing automation results

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TexAu – #1 NoCode automation
TexAu – #1 NoCode automation


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